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Motivational Calendars

The philosophy of “Oppi” the optimist” is: The Greatest gift that anyone can give to another person is a Great Attitude because they will use that gift every second of the rest of their life!

Our FREE Motivational Children’s Calendars feature “Oppi” the Optimist and “Pessi” the Pessimist. Here are some samples of their messages:

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Do you need a FUND RAISER for your School, Church, Little League, Boy/Girl scout troop, YMCA/YWCA, School band etc?

What’s more appropriate than selling Motivational Children’s Calendars to raise funds for children!

You can sell our “Oppi the Optimist” and “Pessi the Pessimist” Calendars as a Fund Raiser for your organization. You will make $5 for every Calendar you sell!

Here’s an example of how much profit you could make for your Fund Raiser:

* Based on each child selling just 6 Calendars. (Many Girl Scouts sell hundreds of boxes of cookies every year.)

Click below to see a sample picture from each of our categories:

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"Oppi and Pessi" contest!

What are the prizes? We are currently contacting colleges for possible scholarships, cruise lines for possible cruises, TV news stations for a possible ride on a news helicopters and also possible amusement park tickets, professional sports tickets, letters of recognition from their Governors, picture in local newspaper, train ride etc.

The winner’s name will be permanently shown on the “Oppi” and “Pessi” plaque and it will be displayed in a prominent location to be named later.

Click here to see the “Oppi” the optimist and “Pessi” the pessimist plaque.

Who can enter? Anybody in the world - under the age of 18 years of age.

How do I enter? Please click here for information on entering.

Please tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter and even on your cell phone about this contest!

• Don’t forget to enter the "Pizza Party Lottery" to win a free pizza party for your entire class! Information is shown in the "Pizza Party Lottery" box on this page.

Free Books and Children’s Motivational Calendars

* Featuring “Oppi” the optimist and “Pessi” the pessimist!

* When we say FREE, we mean it! No name, credit cards, S/H etc. We only need your e-mail address so we can send the Books and Calendars to your computer in less than 5 minutes!


Free Books

What will I do after High School? Dr. Smith became an X-Ray tech, a Nuclear Medicine tech and finally a Doctor! He learned, the hard way, how important it is to make the correct career choice the first time! He wanted to help other people to pick their last career the first time and therefore save a lot of time, money and energy so he wrote this book and you can have it for FREE!

When you’re a child, if you can select the perfect career for you the first time, it will make it easier to study because you can focus on just one goal.

When you’re an adult, each day you delay finding the career that is perfect for you is costing you money and pleasure and when the kids start coming, it will be a lot more difficult to change your career.

When you ask your child, “What will you do after high school?”, if they say “I don’t know”, they need to read this book!


Graduation Gift from Grandpa book Grandpa and his "mature" friends will give high school students hundreds of "tips" to make the "rocky roads" of life a little "smoother".

Never make the same mistake twice and let Grandpa and his friends make it for you the first time!

Older people often say, "Wouldn’t it be nice to know then what I know now?" Well, it’s too late for them but not for you! This book contains many of the “tips” it took them years to “learn the hard way”.


Who Do I Want to be My Hero? book This book compares Jesus to professional athletes, rock musicians, Albert Einstein, Helen Keller, Superman, professional wrestlers, surgeons, scientists and many others and it tells your little ones how they "stack up" to each other. Hint: It's not even close!

The booklet also contains "The Letter of Determination".


Thought for the Day book This book contains every "Oppi and Pessi" cartoon plus inspirational words for many of them.

The booklet also contains "The Letter of Determination".

This book is an attempt to help young children to see the "Glass Half-Full" a little more often during their lifetimes. Your children will reflect back on the words of "Oppi" and "Pessi" when they encounter a situation similar to the one, in the cartoon, during their lifetime.


Thought for the Day Coloring book Your young children can color the pictures now and then learn, from their own artwork, the inspirational messages of "Oppi" the optimist and "Pessi" the pessimist as they get older!

The greatest gift that anyone can give to another person is a Great Attitude because they will use that gift every second of the rest of their life! Since young people are very "impressionable", by exposing them to "positive thinking" when they are young, we have a very good chance of giving them a much better attitude for the rest of their life.


Stop Your Headaches book This book was written by Dr. Richard Smith after consulting with doctors from nine different specialties. (GENERAL PRACTICE, NEUROLOGY, OB-GYN, ENT, SPORTS MEDICINE, OPTOMETRY, CHIROPRACTY, DENTISTRY, PSYCHOLOGY) and also PHARMACISTS, DIETITIONS and NURSES. He also collected information from several headache websites and headache clinics.

Dr. Smith recorded every one of the possible reasons why they felt a patient could be having headaches. This book may help you to avoid hours in waiting rooms and expensive office visits and hospital procedures!

This book will either stop your headaches or it will refer you to the proper professional who can treat them for you.

Please read it before you spend hundreds of dollars on expensive CAT scans and doctor’s visits. Your doctor won’t ask you 169 questions and tell you everything a "headache clinic" will but this book will.


The Diet Bible book This book is called The Diet Bible because it tells the TRUTH! It’s guaranteed to work because it doesn’t tell you lies to sell you something.

The Diet Bible addresses the real reason why people fail to lose their unwanted pounds. We have all heard about Diet and Exercise but the third, and most important, factor is the reason why people's diets fail - the HUMAN FACTOR.

People don’t use their new equipment for the same reason they never used their last equipment, because they never "Trained their Brain".

You can lose your unwanted pounds with any equipment or none at all. The ads want you to believe you can use their equipment and it will be easy but that’s not true! If that were true, everyone would use the one exercise equipment that works.

Some people lose weight with diets, some with equipment, some with jumping-jacks so which way works? They ALL do. You just have to do them - forever – and you can’t do that without “training your brain”.

When you “Train your Brain, you learn the Rules of Success: "Long term" thinking, Hard work, Responsibility, Focus, Confidence, Denial, Motivation, Human limits, Logic, Leaving your “Comfort Zone”, Attitude, Pride, No Excuses and many more.

The Diet Bible focuses on weight loss but the same Rules of Success apply to any goal that you want to achieve! You don't get what you WISH for, you get what you WORK for!

Control your Brain and you’ll control your Weight and your Life!

Dr. Richard Smith wrote this book. He’s not an expert at weight loss, he just learned that you can succeed at anything if you use your brain. You can read about him by clicking on the link at the top of this website. That explains that he graduated in the lower-half of his high school class but he realized that he could do more if he used his brain and eventually he became a doctor!


House Building and Buying Tips book This small book will give you “tips” on building a new house and also on buying a used house.

Since a house is such an expensive investment, one tip may save you a LOT of money!


Free Calendars

What will I do after High School? If you would like to let "Oppi and Pessi" help with your "Fund Raiser", you can sell our Motivational #1 Calendars and you can make $10 for each Calendar you sell. Here’s an example of how much profit you could make for your Fund Raiser:

Please see the box called "Fund Raiser" for more Information!







Religious Calendar

Oppi is trying to use humor to illustrate that many people don't feel like it is necessary for them to attend church every week. When we go to church, we should look at the crucifix, in the front of the church. It shows us what Jesus did for us. He allowed mortal men to nail him to a cross!

One second of what Jesus went through on that cross is more than all of the inconveniences we go through by going to church during our entire lifetime. If you are healthy and living in America and able to have enough food to eat and clean water to drink, you have more than enough reasons to attend church - every week - and say "Thanks" to Jesus!




Children’s Motivational # 1 Calendar

If you want to have a great job, a fun lifestyle and live in a beautiful home someday, you have to make it happen! Nobody else is going to say, "OK, now it the time to start saving money for college and picking the career that is perfect for you etc."

You have to take control of every aspect of your life For example, you have to decide if you will you smoke, drink and drive, allow yourself to get fat or pregnant, eat healthy, enter college, work five or more days/week, live in Florida or Canada, go after a job that makes $10,000 or $100,000 per year, save for your retirement etc? If you don't make the correct decisions, your life won’t be as good as it could be. You have to make those decisions because NOBODY ELSE will make them for you! Don’t be like a "Leaf in the wind" and just end up where the wind blows you…




Patriotic Calendar

There is an expression, "Let sleeping dogs lie". The world found out what that expression meant when Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1942 and again when the World Trade Center and The Pentagon were attacked on "9/11". Other countries and terrorists have made the mistake of thinking that, because the United States doesn't act like a bully, it isn't the most powerful nation in the world.

WARNING TO THE WORLD: If you ever think about attacking The United States of America, remember those words: "Let sleeping dogs lie" because America is The BIGGEST DOG there is!




General #1 Calendar

Most people grow up around other people who have the same color of the skin as they do. When they see someone, whose skin color is different from theirs, it is easy to think, "Since they don’t look the same as me, they must be different from me".

It is human nature to be competitive so people often assume that people, who have a different colored skin than they do, are not as good as they are. The truth is, God made all of us and we are all the same to Him. We all have different heights, eye colors, personalities and skin colors. Once we are smart enough to realize this, the number of friends that we can have will multiply greatly!

People, who judge others simply by the color of their skin, are very superficial. That means that they don’t look deep enough, below the pigment of the skin, to see what that person is really like. There are people of all races who are world class doctors, scientists, priests or ministers or athletes etc. so people, who let the color of a person’s skin determine how they feel about someone, are telling the world that they are not using the brain that God gave them!




Weight Loss Calendar

One of the most common problems that Americans suffer from is that we live in a country where we have plenty to eat and we often eat more than we should. People buy expensive exercise equipment and books and they join exercise gyms and they wonder why they can't lose their excess pounds.

It is because they don't use that exercise equipment or do what those books say or go to those gyms. They just want it to happen but you have to make it happen! Those people usually sit more than they should and eat foods that they shouldn't and just hope that their excess pounds will disappear but there is no magic to it – only hard work!




Prison Calendar (For those who didn't listen to the advice of "Oppi and Pessi")


The "Determination Letter"

This one page article will prove to you that you can do anything that you are willing to work for!

Please click here to see "The Determination Letter".


A moment with the Lord

Please click here to for “Proof” - that you can see and touch - that God exists!

Please click here to read: Wouldn’t it be nice to have a friend who …

Lifetime Mailbox

This website will help you to locate your classmates for reunions and family members for reunions etc.

Please click here to enter the Lifetime Mailbox site.


Better Business

Post your “Business Experience” instantly for all the world to see!

Please click here to enter the The Better Business Website.


"Pizza Party" Contest

You can win a free "Pizza Party" for your Grade School or High School class!

Everyone in your class can enter so tell your classmates and increase your chances of winning.

The winner will be drawn between January 1st and January 10th of each year. The "Pizza Party" will happen as soon as your teacher can plan it!

To enter, just click on the link below and you will be assigned a number. We will contact the winner by their e-mail address.

Please click here to enter the "Pizza Party" Contest


Out Last Heroes

Register your living Veterans and their Nurses, starting with the World War 2 Veterans and let’s celebrate the last living Veterans and their Nurses of each war!

Please click here to register your living Veterans and their Nurses.


"Random Act of Kindness" cards

What’s better than doing a Random Act of Kindness for someone?

How about also giving them a "Random Act of Kindness" Card so they will pass on the "kind gesture" to someone else and the cycle will continue forever!

You can even click here to “post” your "Random Act of Kindness" on this website for everyone to enjoy!

Please click here if you would like to order your own "Random Acts of Kindness" cards.

A yearly winner will be selected from the RAK “postings” and their name will be placed on the “RAK plaque”. Please click here to see the “RAK plaque”.

Random Act of Kindness
Random Act of Kindness

Random Act of Kindness
Random Act of Kindness


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